Matthew (fourgotten) wrote in fungus_foragers,

Introductory post (maybe can spur some activity in the comm)

Seems like there's not been a lot of activity here, but who knows... maybe it'll pick up.

So here's my introduction:
Name? Matthew
Location? Eugene, OR
How long have you been a fungus forager? 15... 18 years maybe?
<>How did you get interested in fungus?</b> How could one NOT be interested in fungus???
Have you attempted to culture fungus, and what was the experience like? I have not done a lot of culturing. Once, way back, some friends and I did, but little success. Right now, I DO have an oyster mushroom log that I've been watering regular and is fruiting.
What references or educational background do you utilize? I am mostly self-taught, but I have a good reference library including the D. Arora books, and a few others.
What is your favorite fungus? Cantherellus formosus, Hypomyces lactiflora, and Tricholoma magnivelare are my favorites, though I won't snub most species of boletes or tasty russulae.
Any recommendations or final thoughts? Errr... final thoughts? I plan to have quite a few thoughts and none final.
Pictures to share? I'm sure that there will be some.
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