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fungus_foragers's Journal

Fungus Foragers of North America
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Welcome to fungus_foragers!
Please come and share your experiences collecting, cleaning, preparing, cooking, storing, and celebrating fungus. The community founder kreine is based in Santa Cruz, California.

The goal of this community is sharing. Many fungophiles are notoriously secretive and elusive. You don't have to give up your patches, but please let us know how your season is faring. What have you noticed? What would you like to know from others? This is a place to ask questions and share information, so please give us the nitty-gritty details!

When posting, please make sure to include environmental conditions and a location (at least down to the county/provincial region). Please place groups of 2 or more photos behind an lj-cut.

New members, please introduce yourself and provide answers to the following:
How long have you been a fungus forager?
How did you get interested in fungus?
Have you attempted to culture fungus, and what was the experience like?
What references or educational background do you utilize?
What is your favorite fungus?
Any recommendations or final thoughts?
Pictures to share?

Non-collectors and those who are merely curious are welcome to join. However, please do not attempt to entertain us with your, "OMGZ TRIPPING!!1!1!!" comments. If you annoy, you will be banned.

No fungi are exempt from discussion, but this site does not encourage or endorse illegal activities related to fungus collection, cultivation, or consumption. Please refrain from discussing and/or encouraging illegal activities under LJ's TOS.